Miniature is the reflection of human dreams.
Mostafa Fotowat Stamp

About Us

Mostafa Fotovat the founder of FOTOWAT MINIATURIST GALLERIES was born in 1958 in Isfahan, from childhood he started to learn painting from his father who was a miniature master of the school of Isfahan.

At the age 17 he entered the art school of Isfahan where he had the opportunity to study the art at the presence of other great masters of the field and become familiar with other styles of Miniature painting.

After finishing high school he made a great effort to combine different schools of Miniature painting and finally got into a level of profession to find his own unique style of Miniature painting.

In 1988 on the national day of art as a symbolic act of respect, the government of Iran chose one of his paintings and published it as a post stamp of country.

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Now after almost 35 years of experience he has participated in many exhibitions in different countries such as: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Austria and the United States.

He has also gathered a collection of his works and works done by members of his family in addition to some of his friend's paintings from different schools of Miniature Painting to show in his three galleries in Isfahan.